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Over-Improving Your Home with Joe Locicero
It may seem like the best way to sell your home at the highest price is to renovate every part of your home, it is important to make sure you are sticking to the trends in your neighborhood and not going overboard. Adding too much could make it harder to get your investment back.
Thinking of the Client with Joe Locicero
It is important to work with someone that constantly has your best interest as their main priority. Team 54 is that team! They strive everyday to be the best team to represent you.
Discussing FSBO with Joe Locicero
The days of placing a sign in the front of a yard to advertise are far past us! Joe Locicero discusses how professional marketing techniques can help determine other factors like financing and other technical questions about your property. Embracing the access we have to technology today can help ...
Digital Marketing with Joe Locicero
How is anyone going to by a home if they don't even know about it? Implementing digital marketing strategies into real estate is vital in today's day and age. Real estate agents that are also marketing specialists will always lead the way in sales!
5 Ways To Look For A Great School District When Buying A Home
Proximity to good quality schools is one of the most important factors considered when purchasing a home, especially for young families or young couples who are planning to have children. Homes that are located near top-quality school districts generally have higher property values and huge resale ...
Team Representation with Joe Locicero
It doesn't matter what kind of buyer you are if you have a great team of professionals representing you!Unlike single sellers, Team 54 of REMAX Champions is dedicated to working together to figure out the best methods to benefit you the most. This team is truly like no other and will make sure you ...
Staging Your Home
Joe Locicero wants to help you stage your home to perfection. Watch this video as he goes through his most important tips and advice.
7 Reasons You'll Love Selling Your Home in the Spring
Ah, spring! When the trees blossom, the lovely tulips and daffodils bloom, and everyone's mood brightens. But aside from our daily dose of sunshine during spring, we also see the high season for real estate. As the temperature rises, the housing market starts to heat up.  Even in areas where ...
How To Find The Best Agent For A Short Sale
A short sale transaction is different from the usual home buying process. It involves more waiting time, and more leg work for your agent. Due to the rise of short sale properties on the market, training companies see it as an opportunity to train agents specifically in this area, giving them ...