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Zephyrhills, Florida rests within the Tampa Bay Metropolitan Statistical Area and is also a member of Pasco County. In recent years, the city has obtained relative notoriety due to the Zephyrhills company that deals in bottled water.

The city of Zephyrhills was formed in 1910. It was originally lauded as being a home and recluse for veterans of the Civil War. Captain Harold B. Jeffries is the founder of the community. He originally named the city “Abbot Station.” Over time, this beautiful city eventually became a sought after home city for more than veterans of the War. Every year, the city of Zephyrhills participates in a Founders Day celebration, marking the historical connotations of the city and its founder.

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zephyrhills florida community parkZephyrhills is unique for a city in that the population has increased every year since its formation. As of the 1920 census, there were only 577 inhabitants in Zephyrhills, Florida. As of the 2010 census, the numbers were at 13,288 individuals living within the city lines.

The number of inhabitants increased by 22.7 percent from the 2000 census, where 10,833 people were listed as living in Zephyrhills. Going back in time, the population increased by 29.6 percent in 1930 from its initial 577 population, listing 748 people as residents. From 1930 to 1940, the increase was 67.4 percent, listing 1,252 members of the community at that census year. In 1950, the population increase came to 45.8 percent when the city listed 1,826 members. The largest increase, however, came between 1960 and 1970. Here, the population increased from 2,887 to 3,369, a percentage of 70.4 in an increase. More and more people are flocking to Zephyrhills each year as a display of the area’s appeal.

As of the 2000 census, the 10,833 population of Zephyrhills was broken down into 2,986 families. The city’s population density was listed at 1,728.2 people living for every square mile. The city featured 6,167 housing units that had a density of 983.8 houses per square mile.

Of the 4,944 households in Zephyrhills, Florida, the breakdown continues as follows. Of the households, 20.5 percent of them had children under the age of 18. Married couples constituted 46.5 percent of the population. Of the households, 10.5 percent of them had a single-mother as the head without a husband present. Non-families made up 39.6 percent of the population, while individuals were listed as 34.3 percent. For residents of Zephyrhills over the age of 65, this was 19.2 of the city’s total population. The average family was made up of 2.63 members, while the average household size was 2.1 people in the same home.

zephyrhills florida springFor the total population, the ages are about equal across the board. For people under the age of 18, they were 18.1 percent of Zephyrhills’s population. Between 18 and 24 years old was 6.5 percent, the smallest of the groups. Ages 25 to 44 made up 21.2 of the population, and individuals between 45 and 64 made up 21.4 percent. Zephyrhills is an older city than many, with an average age of 49 years.

Zephyrhills is another city within the Tampa Bay area where males are fewer in number than females. For every 100 females over the age of 18, the city had 79.4 males.

Zephyrhills is a city with a very heavy population of Caucasian inhabitants. This racial group constitutes 92.63 percent of the city’s population. African-Americans were listed at 2.79 of Zephyrhills’s population. The remaining races were listed at: 0.23 percent Native American, 1.12 percent Asian, 0.03 percent Pacific Islander, and 1.6 percent from other races. Hispanics or Latinos from any race make up 5.03 percent of the residents of Zephyrhills.

The city had an average annual household income of $33,100 and family income of $33,502. Zephyrhills listed a per capita income of $18,047 annually. Like other cities in Pasco County, Florida, males tend to make more in their yearly salary than females. Males receive an average of $29,375 each year while their female counterparts were listed at $21,648 in annual income. As for poverty, 12.1 percent of individuals in Zephyrhills fell under the poverty line, while 9.3 percent of families did the same. Within these figures, 15.9 percent of the impoverished were under the age of 18 and 9.6 percent were over the age of 65.

Zephyrhills is known for its many historic buildings that were fashioned in the early part of the 20th Century. The city is also known for the bottled water company that bears its name. Going back to the Civil War, as a refuge location for veterans, the city has seen a significant increase in population for every year since its formation. In total, the former “Abbot Station” is a beautiful place to live within the greater Tampa Bay area.

If you’re in the market to buy real estate in Zephyrhills Florida or thinking about relocating to Zephyrhills Florida, you’ll find many residential options to choose from.

Zephyrhills Single-Family Homes for Sale

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